Two dimensional representations of five dimensional objects

Sunday, August 20, 2006

moving hell

I am moving and everything is in disarray, so I will continue to be absent for an unknown amount of time.


Saturday, August 12, 2006


I have finished two things!

This is the wrist-thing based on Severina's Anticraft Asphyxiation pattern

I made it with 2 motifs, and the rose started with smaller circle and 3-chain petals. I also sewed it up on both sides so that it slips over the wrist.

Zephyr was going to model this one, but she won't sit still. She tried to slip her head through it - maybe she wants a new collar.

The second thing is this simple triangle shawl made with Farmhouse Yarn. I started it long ago at Circles then knit most of it in the hospital waiting room.

I really like the subtle varigation of the yarn. The whole thing is done in twisted garter stitch.

And a button, for upload

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New plan

I've decided to really make an effort to finish some unfinished things before I start on anything else. UFOs:

1. Asphyxiation wrist thing!

Progress: Blocking! I realize I don't really have any sewing pins, so I'm using safety pins

2. Aforementioned crochet sleeveless sweater/vest

Just needs sewing up, attaching of buttons, and collar

3. Triangle shawl

I actually finished this technically, but then I decided that instead of adding a fringe, I would use the rest of the yarn to make it bigger. So I'm actually pretty close to being done with this.

4. A ribbon-yarn drop-stitch scarf

that I started long ago (well, that would be a few months ago when I first started learning to knit, actually). It was too hard for me at the time, but I should be able to do it by now.

5. Knucks:

I made one (all except the finishing and the very last bit of the cuff). Of course, since there are 2 total to be made, I'm not all that close to done-ness on this one.

6. Hat for my husband.

I actually had made him a hat, and he wore it a few times, but then I decided that I didn't like it and unraveled it. So now I really have to re-make it.

I think that's all.


2 motifs is a good size for a wrist:

I made the rose smaller than in the pattern, just for better scale to a wrist-thing. I still haven't decided if I'm adding another row of petals or not:

Monday, August 07, 2006

blocking progress on wrist asphyxiator

One of my many downfalls is that I have a strange adversion to blocking and sewing up knit and crochet items. Why? I don't know. I actually have an entire sleeveless sweater all done except for the sewing - and I can't bring myself to get to the sewing part. I do truly love seamless stuff.

I was going to put up some pictures, but blogger won't let me. So it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

link worth a look

Not yarn-related, but generally fascinating:
Jan Svankmajer "Alchemist of the Surreal"

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

asphyxiate me softly

So, seeing that severina has a crochet choker pattern in the new AntiCraft, I decided to make one.

An assessment of the yarn and hook situation reveals the following:
The biggest tiny hook I have is 1.75mm. I think I have a bigger tiny one somewhere, but I will never find it since we're moving. I'm surprised I found this one.

Fingering weight yarn: I have some Cherry Tree Hill glitter alpaca, which is really pretty stuff, but it's way thicker than the crochet cotton.

I have some crochet cotton in a burgundy color, so that may work even with the too-small hook

I have a small amount of mohair stuff that I stole from my stepbrother's closet. some is peach and some is white. It is about the right size

I have some really thin nylon eyelash-y stuff, which is smaller than the crochet cotton, and probably more appropriate for the too-small hook. It's grey - a lovely London fog effect (in the smog sense, which suits the asphyxiation theme at least) Unfortunately, it would also be almost impossible to see, causing the frustration factor to outweigh the benefit.

I decided to use the crochet cotton, but to make a wrist-thing with 2 motifs. Here's the first one, alone and as modeled by Zeus, slightly disgruntled