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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ravelry lures me in

I just got on Ravelry.com, and I'm addicted. This will probably be the thing to get me back netted into the web.


This year, I did some stuff:
1. Lace: got a start on lace knitting
2. Socks: toe up short row heel: the best way
3. Entrelac: not hard, and fun to do

Next year, some goals:
1. More lace, smaller yarn. Try not to make a mess of it.
2. Socks:
a. Short row toe
b. Magic loop!
c. If b isn't a disaster, then 2 at a time on a loop!
3. Entrelac socks
4. Fairisle!:
a. Learn how
b. if a isn't a complete disaster, maybe (gasp) steeks...? EEK STEEKS


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